We help businesses succeed by unleashing the full potential of people

CoreAgile is a Danish partnership constellation founded by the two agile trainers and coaches Allan Rennebo Jepsen and Robert Holm Kinnerfelt.

Robert and Allan have both been consulting and coaching within IT and software development since the late 90ies, and have had a focus on agile methodologies the last decade.

Even though we work out of Copenhagen, Denmark, we don’t have any geographical constraints and can help you, no matter where you are. CoreAgile has a network of coaches and trainers, that share our values, in contries like Sweden, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the US.

CoreAgile purposeIt’s important to us that everyone that choose to work with us, reaches a point of self sustainablility in the change to, or within, agile methodologies. We will train and support to leave you with a feeling of confidence that the orginization has adopted a change culture, and a good understanding of the values in agile.

We do not provide ScrumMasters, ProductOwners or equivalent, since or purpose is to find the potential in the people in your orginization, and assure that you are independet, and not in need of external help.

We will give all of ourselves, and expect our customers to do the same. Receiving our help is just the start, and if there is a reluctancy to change, we will discover it fast, and need your full support to change the mindsets within your orginization.

We provide a large amount of training, since we consider it the best preparation for anyone, to be educated enough to enable the right decision, and the right initiative of change.

We look forward to your commitment of unleashing the power of the people working with your product!