Allan Rennebo Jepsen

Allan is an Agile enthusiast, DRiVE practitioner, UnBOSS believer, Leadership thinker, Scrum Coach, Cultural Change Agent and probably a whole lot more
He focuses on helping people live great lives, and thereby get dedicated employees who devote themselves to the business.

As an agile coach and trainer he spend his time helping others embrace purpose driven leandership and the agile values. He is an active member of both the Agile, Scrum and UnBoss community and founder of Agile Copenhagen.

Having worked within all aspects of software delivery Allan has a broad experience which enables him to guide and support all members of an agile organization. 

His experience reaches from coaching team members (Testers, Developers, etc.) over middle management to Executives.

Robert Holm Kinnerfelt

Robert has been practicing agile since the late 90ies and his first XP project. The focus has been dedicated to agile for the last decade.

He has his main focus on serving a great business, and that the strategy and understanding of the business purpose is the foundations of agile.

Robert has a dozen startups in his luggage, and has failed hard and often in his way to understand business drivers. Along his love for Scrum, Kanban and SAFe he is a Lean Black belt, as well as a Lean Startup practitioner, and consider this knowledge “the missing link in agile”.

You will typically meet Robert as a SAFe implementer, course trainer or coaching strategic and leadership practises.