Agile Leadership Course Overview

At CoreAgile we recognize that the middle manager is often placed in a difficult position when transitioning to agile. On one hand you have to make sure that the team delivers value as usual, and on the other you are asked to give up most of the tools that enable you to ensure results.

When agile transformations fail, it is often because middle management is left in an impossible position, where there no longer is a logical coherence between the mindset you are supposed to embrace, and the skills needed to make it happen.

Leadership approach

Within the agile mindset, we are all supposed to give up control and instead embrace the autonomy of the agile team. We can no longer tell the team what to do and how to do their job. Instead we need to empower the employees to make the decisions themselves. But what are you then supposed to do as a middle manager, and how do we make things happen?

In order to support, CoreAgile offers both training and consultancy offerings, as outlined below.


unbossUnboss is for you who want to take it a step further, and not only learn how to navigate, but also drive businesses further than ever before.
By practicing leadership according to Unboss, you will most often be invited to participate in, or lead new strategy initiatives.

Management 3.0

mgmnt30​Management 3.0 is the most well known leadership program which defines the future of management. The focus in Management 3.0 is to do the right thing for your team, involve everyone in improving the system and foster employee engagement.


DriveCover​If you are looking for the fast track on how to motivate your department or team, then DRiVE is what you are looking for. 
DRiVE was established by Daniel Pink back in 2009, and is one of the leading trends in modern leadership. Many of the concepts from DRiVE has found their way into both Management 3.0 and Unboss.