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This leadership course is suitable for anyone in a management or people-leading position. If you are looking to upgrade your leadership skills, and truly embrace the 21st century, then sign up for the Unboss Leadership course.

How much does society today have in common with how people lived back in the 1890’s? Probably not much. Then why do we still rely on leadership theory that was established back then?

UNBOSS adresses the issues with traditional management, and introduces you to a different mindset that is much more in line with reality in the 21st century.


What has changed?

We can probably all agree that a lot has changed over the past 100 years. We didn’t have any of the so

  • Globalization
    During the past 30 years the world has gone through some major economical and prolitical changes. Back then there was a strong division between east and west. The cold war was very much alive, and noone would have imagined the fall of the Berlin Wall. China was a completely isolated country, with vertually no unteraction with the outside world, and most countries outside Western Europe and the United States were considered developing countries.
    Today a lot of these barriers are fading and the physical locations means less than ever before.
  • Unpredictability
    It is no longer possible to maintain a static perception of your market competitors. Even though some global organizations still have a very strong position on the market, it is becomming increasingly hard to keep new competitors away. Who would ever have thought that Apple would invent the worlds most popular phone, and how would have guessed that Google would start producing cars?
  • Technology revolution
    A lot has been invented since the industrial revolution, and some of it seriously affects how we live. Just think about how the internet, social media and smart phones have changed how you interact with others.
  • Purpose and Professionalism
    Traditionally employees identified themselves with the company they worked in. Today employees are much less loyal to the company, while increasingly loyal to their professionalism and the purpose they are fighting to realize.

As an example of what this means to the organizations, 500 Danish employees were asked about the unleashed potential if their organization was functioning.

  • 50% of the employees believe they could do 50% more
  • 90%  of the employees believe they could do 15% more

When considering that Danish employees have a very high job satisfaction, these numbers are potentially much higher in other countries.

What you get

During this 3-day course you will learn how to transform your workplace to a collaborative environment. The course will combine theoretical knowledge and research with real world experience and thereby prepare you for the challenges you will face when putting the theory into practice.

When having completed the course, you will:

  • Be able to lead the cultural change in your workplace.
  • Have the theoretical foundation needed for future learning
  • Know the most common challenges you will be faced with
  • Get concrete tools and practices you can use straight away
  • Gain a networking of likeminded Unboss leaders

By completing your training at CoreAgile, you will also get:

  • 1st year membership of the CoreAgile Leadership Network (Renewal: $100)
  • 10% discount on all CoreAgile events for you and a friend
More about UNBOSS

Too many organizations are built on management theories rely on control in order to fuction, and this not only reflects how we prioritize our efforts, but also how we lead others.

Unboss adresses the key features of traditional leadership, by providing a new way of

Imagine a world where this was true:

“You are no longer employed by an employer, you are a partner in a team. Your manager does not have all the answers, but she can ask the right questions. You don’t work to earn money for some owners you don’t even know, you work for a cause. And you get a fair share of the profit you generate.” (Quote from Unboss)

At the surface it might seem extreme, but when thinking about the core values of the agile mindset, it is no longer a far stretched objective.

Get introduced to one of the most interesting, revolutionary and agile leadership practices.

To most managers it would be scary if there no longer was a need for traditional management.

“Did you think that the purpose of business was to make money? No—businesses must first and foremost be useful. They must become movements that change the world.” If you succeed at that, there will be no need to fight for money. Your customers will gladly hand them over.

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