SAFe – Scaled Agile Framework course overview

In this section you can find an overview of all available SAFe courses. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, since SAFe is such a large framework, the “training jungle” can seem a bit incomprehensible.

In this two-day course, attendees will gain the knowledge necessary to lead an enterprise Agile transformation by leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework® and its underlying principles of lean thinking and product development flow. This course will enable you to leave with an understanding of how the principles and practices of the Framework support Lean-Agile Programs, Scaling Agile, Lean-Agile Program Portfolio Management, and Scaling Leadership.

The two-day course goes well beyond Scrum. It teaches Lean thinking tools, roles, processes, and the software engineering practices necessary to achieve the code quality you need to scale Scrum to your enterprise business context.

In this two-day course, attendees will gain the knowledge necessary to organize around value for optimal business results, implement lean-agile program portfolio management, governance and budgeting. You will also learn how to use and implement the Portfolio Kanban system to accelerate value flow to the programs.

Attendees typically include senior executives and solution managers, Line of Business Owners, CTO, Product/Program Directors, Lean-Agile Leaders, Agile PMO and Agile change agents and consultants.

This two-day interactive workshop begins with the principles of SAFe®, lean thinking tools, Agile development practices at scale, and an overview of the Scaled Agile Framework®. Teams will then learn the Product Manager and Product Owner roles in the enterprise, how to manage the enterprise backlog, delivering features, agile requirements, the events within SAFe, and finally, stakeholder management.

At the end of this workshop, attendees will have the tools and knowledge they need to write Epics, Features, and User Stories within the Scaled Agile Framework, and have a solid foundation on how to manage programs in the Lean-Agile Enterprise. An optional SAFe Product Manager/Product Owner certification is offered at the end of the class.

Attendees typically include executives, product managers, product owners, consultants,lean-agile leaders, and Agile change agents.

In this one-day course, you will learn what your role as Product Owner is and how to manage your scrum team.

In this one day course you will learn the critical skills required to create high performance teams.

SAFe Scrum Master can be delivered as part of an SAFe ART or independently to Scrum Masters who wish to build their skills in an enterprise context.