Enabling the agile organization

When implementing agile, many organizations focus solely on implementing agile teams within the the IT department. It is often overlooked how the existing organizational rules and practices stand in the way of the agile teams success.

Weather you choose to transform your entire organization or primarily focus on the products and/or projects, you will need to consider how your current corporate functions impact the employees ability to embrace the agile mindset and practices. 

Our years of experience at CoreAgile have provided us with the experience needed in order to adjust your organization, so it is better aligned with the needs of agile teams.

Together we need to adress questions like:

  • How do we ensure progress without relying on control?
  • How can we promote performance, without depending on individual bonus systems?
  • How do we measure progress to enable strategic planning?
  • How do we budget Opex/Capex when we are financing value streams instead of projects?
  • How do HR hire if we’re not hiring on technical specialities but rather T and E people?
  • Which economic lean modelling would support our strategic desicions best?
  • How do we get the business to adopt lean-agile thinking, and communicate in objectives?
  • Will middle management be redundadt, or are there natural roles that just needs re-definig?
  • How do we subcontract development using agile contract and managing knowledge leaks?
  • How can we use Agile prinicples to strengthen our strategy implementation and roll-out?

There are many practices and theories that supports orginizational dilemmas when adopting agile. We can guide you through the process and help make your agile implementation a success.