Enabling agile teams

To establish a self organizing and cross functional agile team is no easy task. It takes years of experience to effectively establish a succesful agile team, and this is where CoreAgile can help. By coaching your team(s) through the first difficult stages, we will not only help you shorten the transformation time, but also increase the teams ability to constantly improve.

When coaching agile teams, our focus is always to help you achieve clear and sustrainable results in the shortest time possible. We will first of all teach you the basics, and then continuously help you turn theory into practice. For us the value lies in helping you to become self sustainable.

When discussing different agile practices and frameworks, such as Scrum, Kanban and DevOps, we always take a close look at your situation before guiding you in a specific direction. However, as you mature as a team, you will most likely start combining aspects from many different sources.