Enabling Coaches

Most agile organizations today are using Agile Coaches. They are typically responsible for keeping up to speed on agile theories and practices, and to teach them to the practitioners.

The agile coaches can be anyone with a burning interest in agility but are usually ScrumMasters or Product owners from a traditional Scrum setup.

The reality is however that the agile coaches are so busy with everyday issues and rarely have time to expand their toolbox with new ideas, or to align themselves with each other to spread the good practices in the entire organization.

So weather you already have agile coaches, or want to introduce the role to your organization, we have a setup that can give you cutting edge tools and practices to either enabling new coaches, or develop existing ones.

Internal Coach Camp

In a period of, let’s say 5 weeks, we will visit your premises once a week to facilitate an Internal Coach Camp. It’s a full day workshop event for all interested parties, where we cover tools and practices that has been selected to fit your organization and needs. Each workshop day has a theme like:

  • Product Owner Breakdown tools
  • Retro-, and futurespectives
  • Planning and refining
  • Release planning and road mapping
  • Innovation and product games
  • Managing dependencies and conflicts
  • Quality tools and test driven development
  • eXtreme Programming practices
  • Kanban and other lightweight models
  • Scaling agile
  • Managing stakeholders, Demos and sprint reviews
  • etc.

All participants will practice the tools in the workshops, and receive complete instructions on how to use them.

There are numerous benefits with Internal Coach Camps:

  • New knowledge that can be used the same day
  • Alignment of all agile coaches
  • Establishing discussion forums and knowledge sharing culture
  • Enabling new Coaches
  • Training all SMs and POs helps coaches to focus ahead in the future
  • Possibly the coaches will establish their own Internal Coach Camp